GA144: A 144 Core, Asynchronous Processor

I have written an article at BitLog, a new technology blog. It is about the GA144, an asynchronous many-core processor made by GreenArrays. One of the designers of the chip is Chuck Moore, the inventor of the Forth programming language.

Since the chip is pretty unusual, it is wise to read all the documentation, but there were still some bits and pieces that were not obvious at first sight when using the chip for a recent project. The article covers how to write a simple Hello World example and get the code running on the GA144 simulator, as there is no information in the documentation that explains how to run code on a specific core. All other tutorials on the internet that I could find are based on an older version of the software and does not work with the latest version. So if you are looking for that first push to explore this awkward but surprisingly fun chip, you might want to check out my article.

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